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Master of Occupational Therapy (OT)

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the accreditation status for UC’s MOT Program?

OT programs in the United States are accredited through the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE). Gaining that accreditation is required for students to write the national certification exam (NBCOT) and ultimately practice as a State licensed OT. UC is currently in the Applicant Stage of accreditation (completing candidacy application – ACOTE Step 1) and, as part of that process, we're developing the curriculum, admissions standards, and other elements of the program. For additional information on accreditation, please see ACOTE’s Prospective Applicant Letter. 

What is the timeline for UC’s MOT program accreditation process?

 The following key dates are as established by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education:

Letter of Intent Received:

August 2016

Candidacy Application Due:

August 15, 2017

ACOTE Candidacy Application Decision:

December 2017

Students may be notified of acceptance into the Program:

December 2017

First class starts:

May 2018

Initial report of Self-Study due:

March 1, 2019

ACOTE Initial Review Decision:

August 2019

Initial On Site Evaluation:

August-September 2019

ACOTE Accreditation Decision:

December 2019

First class begins Level II Fieldwork:

August 2019

First class graduates:

May 2020

NBCOT Certification Examination:


The proposed UC MOT program is in the Applicant Stage of the accreditation process. A decision on candidacy status is expected in December 2017, at which time students could be formally accepted in the program. Interested students will be able to apply for program admission in the Fall semester of 2017. The specific window for submitting applications is still to be determined. Updates will be provided on the program website.

Students should refer to the prospective applicant letter on the UC MOT Website for additional details on the stages of accreditation and accreditation process.

Is the program offered online?

The curriculum will be a blended instructional design involving a mix of on campus and online coursework. There will be three on-campus weeks per semester - one at the beginning, middle, and end of each semester – in addition to one on-campus session per week through the semester and level I fieldwork activities. This will be supplemented by online lectures, assignments, and discussions. The curriculum is full time but the online piece will allow some flexibility for those wishing to work while in the program. The MOT will be a six semester curriculum - 4 semesters of blended instruction as described above plus 2 semesters of full-time clinical fieldwork. It will be an intensive program designed to prepare students for all areas of OT practice. The working student will need considerable support from their employer to attend on campus sessions and meet course and fieldwork requirements.

When does the program start and when can I apply?

As long as we satisfactorily meet ACOTE accreditation requirements and timelines for submission of materials, we'll begin admitting students into the program in the Fall semester of 2017 and begin MOT classes in the summer semester of 2018. Application packets should be available online in September 2017.

I am a licensed occupational therapy assistant. Can I continue to practice while in the MOT Program?

With employer support to accommodate the on-campus requirements, students should be able to continue some level of employment. The MOT program is full-time however and students need to be prepared to dedicate the time and effort to meet academic requirements.  The extent to which students continue employment while enrolled in the MOT will depend on the student’s ability to manage academic demands and the employer’s ability to accommodate the needs of the student. The full-time level II fieldwork requirement in the final two semesters will obviously impact one's ability to continue outside employment. Students will not be able to complete level II fieldwork at a setting where they are actively employed as an occupational therapy practitioner.

What will the fieldwork requirements be for the MOT Program?

Level II fieldwork will be 24 weeks full-time (completed over the final 2 semesters of the program - 12 weeks per semester) with work hours / schedule determined by the fieldwork site / supervisor and completed in accordance with ACOTE fieldwork standards. We'll do our best to locate sites that meet student goals in regards to location and practice area but it is obviously difficult to guarantee that. – We’re currently working to establish contracts within and outside the Cincinnati area. There will also be required level I fieldwork experiences in the community mixed throughout the curriculum - we have some flexibility with those and specifics are still to be established as we finalize the curriculum content and sequence.

What are the prerequisites and other admissions requirements?

Admission to the UC MOT program requires completion of a bachelor’s degree, specific prerequisite coursework, volunteer hours at two occupational therapy settings (minimum 40), the graduate record exam, letters of recommendation, and portfolio submission. Some admission criteria may be waived for licensed occupational therapy assistants who have passed the NBCOT examination. Details of the admissions process can be accessed via the links on the UC MOT webpage.

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Accreditation Status Update

UC is currently in the Applicant Stage of accreditation (completing candidacy application – ACOTE Step 1) and, as part of that process, we're developing the curriculum, admissions standards, and other elements of the program. For additional information on accreditation, please see ACOTE’s Prospective Applicant Letter.

Wondering what courses you'll need before you start the MOT program?  Use this document to determine if your courses are equivalent to UC's.

Prerequisite Course List Equivalents MOT

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