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Tuition/Financial Aid

A college education is one of the most important investments you will ever make — an investment in yourself and your future. The College of Allied Health Sciences believes that regardless of your income, you have the potential to afford the quality education that the University of Cincinnati provides. We are committed to making your college education as affordable as we can. In fact, nearly all students are eligible for some form of financial assistance.

The Student Financial Aid Office is available to assist you with all your financial needs while at UC. Get started by visiting their website.

Kentucky Metropolitan Tuition Rate

For students in nearby Kentucky counties, the college offers the metropolitan tuition rate. This allows certain Kentucky residents the ability to pay in-state tuition plus a small per credit hour surcharge.  An application must be submitted prior to the start of the semester to receive this rate.  For a complete list of eligibility and residency requirements, visit the Kentucky Metropolitan Rate website.

Indiana Reciprocity

Indiana residents are offered an opportunity for reduced tuition through the Indiana Reciprocity agreement. Residents of 28 counties in the State of Indiana who are matriculated in a College of Allied Health Science program are eligible to enroll at UC under Ohio-resident tuition rates. For a complete list of eligibility and residency requirements, visit the Indiana Reciprocity website

If you have questions about how the Kentucky metropolitan tuition rate or Indiana reciprocity agreement can help you experience all that the College of Allied Health Sciences has to offer, contact the University of Cincinnati Office of Admissions at (513) 556-1100​.

College of Allied Health Sciences Program Fees

Effective Fall 2015

In order to provide students with the highest quality education, the College of Allied Health Sciences must ensure that our students are equipped with the range of skills needed to practice in the modern healthcare environment.

In order to meet these needs we must:

  • Provide our students with access to specialized equipment, lab materials, and supplies that helps create an interactive learning environment that mirrors the 21st century healthcare environment.
  • Ensure that we meet specialized accreditation guidelines, so that our graduates can sit for their professional credential/licensure examinations. 

A number of allied health programs across the country have similar fees to cover these specific expenses. 

Program fees will go into effect fall semester 2015. The program fee is $215 per term for each full-time student in both undergraduate and graduate on campus, blended, and hybrid programs. For part-time students in these programs the fee is $18 per credit hour for undergraduate courses and $22 per credit hour for graduate level courses

For students enrolled in exclusively distance learning curricula, the program fee is $75 per semester for full-time undergraduate and graduate students.  For part-time students in these programs, the fee is $7 per credit hour for undergraduate courses and $8 per credit hour for graduate level courses. 

*Currently program fees will not be assessed to students enrolled in the BSW and MSW programs.

UC Fees by the College 

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