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Animal Audiology Certificate


The certificate is designed to meet the needs of three groups of potential students:  students enrolled in the AuD program, practicing audiologists, practicing veterinarians. The following is the basic curriculum for the Animal Audiology certificate, which may be modified according to the background knowledge and skills of the three groups.  The following curriculum is an extension of the existing AuD curriculum and is presented as an option for admitted AuD students at UC.

Core Courses Required for the Certificate:

The following courses are required of all AuD students and will be required for practicing clinicians unless course knowledge and skills are demonstrated through assessment.

CSD 8050 Advanced Hearing Science (4)

CSD 8060C Diagnostic Audiology (5)

CSD 8064 Medical Audiology (3)

CSD 8062C Auditory Evoked Potentials I (3)

CSD 8016 Noise and Hearing (3)

CSD 8071 Assessment & Selection of Amplification Systems (5)


Additional Required Courses for the Certificate

The following courses will be required of an AuD student or already practicing audiologist to obtain this certificate:




Comparative Auditory and Vocal Mechanisms

CSD 8099


Seminar in Animal Audiology

CSD 8020


Individual Work in Audiology (Practicum)

CSD 8070





CSD 8099 Comparative Auditory Vocal Mechanisms (3) – This course is a graduate-level CSD course, which is currently available to all departmental graduate students as an elective.  

Course Description: The primary objective of this course is to familiarize you with the bioacoustics of animal communication and hearing including comparative terrestrial / marine mammal vocal anatomy, physiology and neuroanatomy, sound production mechanisms and acoustic behavior.    

CSD 8020 Seminar in Animal Audiology (3) – This course is a graduate level CSD course, which requires all of the existing core courses listed above as prerequisites.  This class is a team taught course with faculty addressing their particular area of expertise.

Course Description:  Overview of animal bioacoustics with focus on canine, equine and marine mammal species.  Examination and practice with adaptation of human clinical audiological practices to canines.  Specific focus on electrophysiological hearing assessment and amplification strategies.

CSD 8070 Individual Work in Audiology (Practicum) (6) - Complete a minimum of 25 hours of Practicum in hearing assessment and amplification on canines (or other relevant species such as equines).

If you are taking the academic coursework online will you be required to complete a campus internship to complete the practicum hours.

Comprehensive Examination

In order receive the certificate, you will have to pass a comprehensive examination, which includes a written portion and an oral/practical portion.


If you are enrolled in the AuD or PhD program in Communication Sciences and Disorders you will be advised and mentored by CSD / FETCH~LAB faculty beginning in their first year.  Practicing audiologists will be assigned a CSD / FETCH~LAB faculty member as a mentor upon acceptance in the program.  Each student will have an audiology and veterinary advisor. 

Checklist / Curriculum

​You must complete all of the requirements (or equivalents) on the checklist. The FETCH~LAB director, their advisor, their audiology and veterinary advisors and the CSD Department Head must sign the checklist. 

Animal Audiology Certificate Checklist / Curriculum Grid (PDF)

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