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Audiology Services

  • Assistive Listening Devices 
  • Audiological Evaluation 
  • Hearing Aid Dispensing and Orientation 
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation 
  • Hearing Protection (earplugs, swim molds) 
  • Hearing Screening

Auditory Processing Disorders Evaluation

A team of a speech pathologist and audiologist provide diagnostic information and recommendations pertaining to auditory processing and language disorders in school-aged children, adolescents and adults.  A comprehensive evaluation includes a team and family conference.  Recommendations regarding academic accommodations and treatment, college placement, and career choices will be addressed.  For more information, email

Hearing Loss Management

Following comprehensive hearing evaluation, hearing loss management includes examination of the impact of diminished hearing on one's vocation, family, and social outlets. 

Appropriate treatment is determined by the patient in conjunction with doctoral student clinicians working under direct faculty supervision and may include the selection and fitting of appropriate hearing aid amplification, recommendation of hearing assistance technologies (television or telephone amplifiers, signal alerting devices for alarm clocks, doorbells, smoke detectors, etc.), or instruction on effective communication strategies for those with hearing loss and their family members.

For more information regarding audiology services, contact the UC Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at 513-558-8503 or email

U.C. Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic Procedures

The UC Speech and Language Clinic offers clinical services to children and adults with a variety of communication disorders.  The Clinic serves as a training center for speech-language pathology and audiology students who are under the direct supervision of licensed and certified faculty, including speech language pathologists and audiologists.   Diagnostic and therapy sessions can be observed by students and other university personnel for educational purposes.  The types of program offerings in this clinic may reflect clinical and/or research efforts and may yield variable scheduling and/or financial responsibilities.


Clinic address:  3202 Eden Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45267-3202


  • To cancel an appointment, please call the clinic office as soon as possible: 
  • The supervising therapist and/or student clinician may also give you his/her contact information.  Voice messages are acceptable.
  • If an appointment is missed without notification, you will be charged the regular fee for the missed session.
  • We understand that circumstances can cause late arrivals. If you are ten minutes late, we will make a courtesy call to see if you are on your way. If that is the case, we will start the session when you arrive, but the session will end at the regular time. 
  • If more than three sessions are missed during the semester, you will receive a phone call to inform you that we need to give that therapy time slot to the next client on the waiting list.
  • In the event that a therapy session is canceled by the clinic, attempts will be made to schedule a make-up session.  Clinic days/hours of operation follow the University calendar schedule.


Parking is available in spaces directly outside the entrance door to the French East Building on the ground level.A temporary parking pass will be provided for your windshield at the beginning of the session and collected at the conclusion.Tickets from nearby parking garages cannot be validated.

Payment and Billing Information

Payments are made at time of service by cash, check or credit card.Please make checks payable to University of Cincinnati.

Audiology Clinical Faculty

John Greer Clark, PhD, CCC-A/SLP
Katherine Russell, AuD, CCC-A
Gloria Valencia, AuD, CCC-A


Audiology Services

Contact Us

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
3202 Eden Avenue
P.O. Box 670379
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0379
Phone: 513-558-8502
Fax:  513-558-8500

Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinic
French East Building Room G65
Phone: (513) 558-8503
Fax:  (513) 558-8988

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