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Specialized Programs

CHAT (Communication Helps Achievement Together)

Communication group for adults in the greater Cincinnati community with communication challenges caused by neurogenic event (stroke, head injury, etc.) meets Fridays during the semester at the UC Health Drake Center.  Groups consist of men and women, ages ranging from 55 to 85, with various communication disorder diagnoses. Graduate students in SLP become conversational partners with members to support their communication attempts using new techniques, verbal/visual supports, and encouragement to utilize strategies previously learned in individual speech therapy sessions. Sessions are based on themes and communication skill-building.  Members of the CHAT group gain confidence and are empowered to integrate into the community in a variety of ways:  speaking engagements, teaching and church activities, and communicating with friends and neighbors.
CHAT Brochure (PDF)

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email

CCC (Cognitive Communication Clinic) and BIG (Brain Injury Group)

Cognitive Communication Clinic provides individual services to adults with brain injuries. Injuries may include but are not limited to: traumatic brain injuries and sports and fall–related concussions.  Services are provided on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and follow the University semester schedule.

The Brain Injury Group is a communication group offered to young adults with mild to moderate brain injuries and resulting communication challenges.  The group consists of men and women, ages 22-45.  The group is offered on Fridays and follows the University semester schedule.  The group is facilitated by a state licensed and ASHA certified speech language pathologist in addition to graduate students in SLP.  Topics may include problem-solving for re-entry into college courses, improving reading comprehension, reintegration into society through discussion of volunteer and work activities, learning about service animal resources, and tips and practices to manage stress and organization. CCC Brochure (PDF)

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email

ESL (English as a Second Language Individual/Group Tutorial)

This program is available for UC students and faculty, and community residents who are English language learners. Individualized programs are designed to improve overall English skills.  Content may include pronunciation, accent reduction, language comprehension, vocabulary expansion, and conversational skills.  Reading and writing skills can also be addressed. Individual and group sessions are available.

For more information, email or call 513-558-8503. 

Fluency Friday

Fluency Friday is a 1 day program which occurs every year in February.  The purpose is to provide evaluation and treatment to help children with fluency problems learn more about fluency and to meet other children with stuttering problems.  Programs for parents and siblings are included. The activities are developed by graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Cincinnati and other university programs. Master clinicians from the community provide supervision and support.

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email at

Hearing and Speech-Language Screening Program

The UC Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic offers speech, language and hearing screenings for preschool programs, including Head Start, schools, health fairs, and individuals. 

New graduate students in both audiology and speech-language pathology are given the opportunity to learn how to perform the screenings as well as how to interact with the pediatric population.   This is the graduate students’ first practicum experience  and allows them to become comfortable in performing diagnostics and assessment with a specific population.   Mrs. Stein coordinates and supervises the graduate students while the students themselves perform the screenings.   Approximately 350 to 400 screenings are performed during this experience which usually ends in early October.

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email

Preschool Speech, Language & Literacy Summer Program/LLEG (Language/Literacy Enrichment Group)

The Language and Literacy Enrichment Group (LLEG) is an evidence-based summer preschool program that focuses on creating language and literacy-rich social play experiences for young children.  This clinic program offers story book reading, language/vocabulary enrichment, speech sound development, and plenty of social skill experiences.  LLEG runs for six weeks in the summer with morning and afternoon sessions available (depending upon enrollment numbers). 

Preschool Speech, Language & Literacy Summer Program 2017 (PDF)

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email

Ultrasound Visual Biofeedback for "R"

Our clinic provides a unique program for helping clients, age 8 and over, to produce the “R” sound.  By using ultrasound scanning technology, our clients are able to view images of their tongue movements while attempting to say the sound correctly.  This method has proven to be an effective biofeedback tool for many cases. 

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email


Social Skills Group

5-7 years: Fridays, 9-10:20  June 23- July 28
8-11 years: Fridays, 10:30-11:50 June 23- July 28

Social skills groups will provide facilitated and structured opportunities for children to develop their social communication skills.  Working with peers, children will learn strategies to be good communication partners including skill development for initiating conversations, maintaining conversations, listening with a communication partner and non-verbal language.

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email

Summer Speech and Language Tune-Up

Offerings: Scheduled at the convenience of the family and availability of clinic staff (2 appointments, 1-1.5 hours each)

Do you need some strategies to help your child with speech and language development over the summer? This program is a two session program in which we develop a program specific to your child's needs for the summer.  During the first session we determine your child's strengths, areas of needs, successful strategies, and preferred types of activities in order to develop a summer plan specific to your child and family. In the second session we review this plan with you, go over the provided activities and materials, assist with implementation strategies, and provide ample opportunity for questions and practice. 

For more information, call 513-558-8503 or email

Student with patient during "R" clinic

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