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Peter 'Skip Scheifele, PhD, LCDR USN (Ret) FETCHLAB

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Scheifele is a retired Navy (Vietnam ) veteran; submariner/diver.  He directed the Navy Marine Mammal Technology Program, specializing in marine mammal bioacoustic research and at Mystic Aquarium was Head Trainer and was awarded the Order of the Decibel. He also worked training narcotics and bomb dogs for the U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center.

Dr. Scheifele is Director and Principal Investigator of UC FETCHLAB which investigates animal audiology, hearing management in canines, animal vocal mechanisms, noise impacts to animal hearing, and bioacoustics.  

Current studies include:  PTSD in military working dogs, diver audiology,  hearing protection devices for working dogs including ultra-wideband communication devices, canine hearing aids and noise mitigation in kennels.

He is an Assistant Professor of audiology in the College of Allied Health Sciences and instructor in head and neck gross anatomy, otology and neurology in the Medical Education Department in the School Of Medicine.  

His degrees are in Physics, Oceanography, elective in Mechanical Engineering,  (PhD) Bioacoustics and speech and hearing sciences, and medical elective in otology/neuroanatomy from  the University of Connecticut and Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  


The University of Cincinnati’s FETCHLAB has recently been the feature of the popular media and currently conducts hearing screening and full audiological assessment and imaging for dogs. The FETCHLAB is the first and only hearing clinic for animals in the United States.  We see dogs from all over the world. 

FETCHLAB supports the Department of Defense with clinical and research on working dog Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and audiological disorders. Additionally, we support the Georgia Aquarium and Mystic Aquarium regarding auditory, sound production and noise issues with regard to their marine animals. 

FETCHLAB is working closely with veterinarians in the Tri-state area to support them with animal audiology as a potential health care and assessment sub-specialty.


Projects in the UC FETCHLAB are funded/ supported by contracts with various aquaria, military and URC grants.

Dr. Scheifele also serves as a consultant to the Georgia Aquarium, Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration, Newport Aquarium, Army and Navy and League for Animal Welfare on matters of animal audiology and bioacoustics.

Donations are also accepted to the Otter Fund.

Student Research

  • Amanda Gilbert- “Noise impacts on Polar Bears in Captivity”
  • Ashley Vandlik- “Canine hearing protection devices for  military working dogs”
  • Kristine Sonstrom- “Mismatch Negativity in Dogs”
  • Erica Combs- “ Hearing and vocal production in Asian Small-clawed Otters”
  • Elicia Pillion & Rachel Ranz- “Noise impacts on Seahorses”
  • Shawn Makepeace-  Mismatch Negativity in draft horses”
  • Justin Burwinkel- “Auditory acuity and intelligibility in human divers”

Curriculum Vitae (select link to view)

Peter Scheifele, PhD

Contact Us

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
3202 Eden Avenue
P.O. Box 670379
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0379
Phone: 513-558-8502
Fax:  513-558-8500

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