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Clinical Education

Clinical education is an essential part of the University of Cincinnati Physical Therapy Program. The physical therapists and health care facilities participating in the clinical program are carefully screened and must share the PT Program's commitment to excellence in patient care.

Following the completion of their first year of coursework, students participate in a full-time clinical experience (Summer semester). After finishing the second year of coursework, students complete two, full-time rotations (Summer semester and most of Fall semester). Additional patient care management courses are then taken (end of Fall semester) after which students are assigned to their final, full-time clinical internship (Spring semester) before graduation in May.

Students perform rotations in inpatient, outpatient, chronic care settings and specialty rotations. These rotations include peds, burns, military, home health, women's health, to name a few. Students participating in clinical rotations are still part of the University and are expected to meet all of the usual financial obligations and academic requirements.

To find out more about UC's DPT Curriculum, please click here (PDF) to see sample curriculum.

As part of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, students will participate in 41 weeks of clinical education experience separated into 4 clinical courses. Clinical education is an integral part of physical therapy education. The DPT Program at UC is affiliated with numerous facilities in order to offer experience in the many applications of physical therapy. These facilities include hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports medicine centers, geriatric and pediatric centers, home health agencies, etc. During a clinical experience, a student will be assigned to a facility and work with a clinical supervisor to apply the information, concepts and skills mastered in the classroom and lab to a patient situation. Many clinical sites are not in the immediate Cincinnati area and students must be prepared to attend out of town clinical experiences. Students are responsible for all costs related to clinical experiences including, but not limited to, tuition, background check(s), transportation, lodging, meals, uniforms, physical examinations, vaccinations and insurance.

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Medicare MDS 3.0 and Student Supervision Guidelines

Due to many questions about MDS 3.0, we have several documents on the website to help answer your questions. If you would like to review the section of MDS 3.0 that applies to therapy students, please click here (PDF). If you would like to review APTA's one page summary on what this means for student supervision, please click here (PDF). In addition, APTA has published a revised the student supervision chart to assist in guiding student practice, please click here (PDF) to review. You may also go to the CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) website by clicking here and it will have an exhaustive list of resources on this topic. 

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