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Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences _

Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition



The core curriculum consists of 4 ONLINE nutrition courses for a total of 12 credit hours.

Certificate Core Classes

NUTR 7020 Nutrient Metabolism: Macronutrients
NUTR 7021 Nutrient Metabolism: Vitamins and Minerals

Certificate Electives in Nutrition

NUTR-7082 Nutrition in Health and Disease: Preconception through Adolescence
NUTR-7032 Nutrition in Health and Disease: Adulthood and Aging

Certificate Electives in Research Methodologies

BE-8069 Study Design and Analysis
BE 7081 IRB Submission Process for Researchers
BE7074 Community-Based Participatory Research 

MD/MS student

Contact Us

Department of Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences
3202 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0394

For Nutrition Science Programs:

Kimberly Maco, MS
Phone: 513-558-7503
Email: ​

​For Athletic Training, DPT, MOT, and Health Sciences Programs:

Ashley Sandburg
Phone: 513-558-7477

More Information

For specific questions about the Master of Science in Nutrition Program contact:

Kimberly Maco, MS
Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of ​Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences
3202 Eden Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0394
(513) 558-7503

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