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Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences _

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistant Scholarships - (UGS)

A graduate student who will receive full tuition and a stipend for fall and spring semesters, will work 20 hours a week as a GA or as a TA doing research or teaching for a graduate faculty. Must be someone who meets the criteria and was a good student in their Undergraduate degree. 

The criteria is a first year graduate student who is exceptional and must meet the high end of the requirements to get into the program. Our requirements include: 3.0 GPA or higher, 300 GRE,  three letters of recommendations.  Also, a student who has research and/or teaching experience.


Graduate Incentive Scholarships - (UGI)

A graduate student who will receive a portion of their tuition towards the academic year. 

The criteria is a graduate student who is showing progress to their degree and is a good student. The amount can fluctuate depending on the student.


Contact Us

Department of Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences
3202 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0394

For Nutrition Science Programs:
Kimberly Maco, MS
Phone: 513-558-7503
Email: ​

​For Athletic Training, DPT, MOT, and Health Sciences Programs:
Ashley Sandburg
Phone: 513-558-7477

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