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 the CETIS Team - from left to right: Derrick, Christian, Kyle, Kaitlyn, Chris, Carolyn, Alec, Don

The Center for Educational Technology and Instructional Support provides service in three major areas: Technology, Instructional Design, and Marketing.  The team consists of IT technicians, Instructional Designers, Course Builders, Multi-Media Specialists, and Marketing professionals.  Our goal is to work with faculty, staff, and students to help further the mission of the college.  Here is a sample of the services we offer:

  • Desktop/Laptop Computer Support
  • Classroom Technology Support
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Check-Out Laptop Pool
  • Software install
  • Course Design Consultation
  • Course Building Services
  • Web-Conferencing Support
  • Lecture Capture Support
  • Faculty and Staff Workshops
  • IT Consultations
  • Check-out Equipment
  • Event Support
  • Markting and Promotions Support

We are here to help you.   Please contact us and let us know how we can collaborate to help you in the classroom, in the office, or in cyberspace.
CETIS staff assisting

Contact Us

CETIS Team Administration

Don Hodges, MA
Director of Educational Technology and Instructional Support
3202 Eden Ave
Cincinnati OH, 45267

CETIS Help Desk
3202 Eden Avenue 
Cincinnati, OH 45267 
Room 318
Phone: 513-558-3716

CETIS Design Team
French East Building
3202 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45267
Suite 280

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