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Center for Educational Technology & Instructional Support

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Our Vision Statement:

To strategically prepare, motivate, and empower faculty and administrators to create and deliver innovative and student-centered learning experiences, resulting in students meeting learning outcomes while positioning the College of Allied Health Sciences to embrace change in a rapidly evolving field.

How We Support Our Vision:

  • Look for opportunities to consult with faculty to bring technology into classrooms (online or face-to-face)
  • Provide just-in-time tutorials for faculty on technology
  • Develop and lead Faculty Development workshops
  • Design course templates in Blackboard
  • Support the development of curriculum using best practices in Instructional Design
  • Design creative learning objects to aid in instruction
  • Build course shells in Blackboard
  • Provide consultation on Quality Matters™ Standards for Online e-Learning
  • Stand by our CETIS Design Service Plan

What' New:

Black and white image of five over-the-top characters representing the cast of the CETIS Design Top Five video series, as found on YouTube - LINK:  

Are you a faculty or staff member at the University of Cincinnati? Have you met Bob? Bob is a faculty member who is trying to improve the overall student experience in his online courses. Join Bob and his gang of wacky friends, in these 1950's work-place training video style vignettes, as Bob learns tips and tricks to improve his online course.

Image of the CETIS Design employees - from left to right: Christian, Carolyn, Chris

More Information

CETIS Team Administration

Don Hodges, MA
Director of Educational Technology and Instructional Support
3202 Eden Ave
Cincinnati OH, 45267

Office of CETIS Design Staff 

Carolyn Stoll, MA
Room 280 French East 
Senior Instructional Designer 
Phone: 513-558-4623

Christian Drennen
Room 280 French East 
Instructional Designer & Digital Media Specialist
Phone: 513-558-7528

Chris Athanasiadis
Room 280 French East 
Instructional Technologist


Course Build/Copy Requests

Course Quiz/Exam Requests

Contact Us

CETIS Design Team
French East Building
3202 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45267
Suite 280

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