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Center for Educational Technology & Instructional Support 

Spring 2019 Course
Build Request Due Dates:

Full Term - Nov. 30th, 2018
Second ​Half-Term - ​Feb. 1st, 2019

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Quiz & Exam Build Requests:

We request a full week's notice (7 days) for all quiz and exam builds.

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Course Development 

CETIS Design Course Building Process Overview:
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 Course Planning – Through weekly consultations over a 6 month period, CETIS Design will help you develop measurable Learning Objectives for your course. They will also help you “map” those objectives to content, activities, and assessments so that everything in your course aligns.   We will also provide you with a template for a Course Manual so you can fully plan out your course.

Full Course Design – Through weekly consultations over a 4 month period, CETIS Design will remain current in our field so we can match learning technology to teaching need and will partner with you to assess the feasibility of new learning technologies.  We will also provide design consultation for the length of course development and guided support to teach you to build your course and load your content.

New Course Setup* – CETIS Design will provide you with a pre-built template and will customize your course shell with placeholders for content.  This does not include loading of content and assumes that a course manual is provided by the project deadline. 

Course Refresh* – We will copy your course and troubleshoot Blackboard issues that occur as a result of copying – no loading of new content.  Depending on project deadlines, CETIS Design can also work with you to find ways to integrate your course materials with the latest available learning technologies and make recommendations on new learning technologies for the course.

Design and Creation of Interactive Learning Objects – CETIS Design will help you imagine interactive Learning Objects for low stakes practice, enrichment, and remediation.  We’ll help you figure out the design, get it built for you, and deploy it in your course.

Blended Learning Consultation – CETIS Design will work with you to discover opportunities for blended learning, combining both online and face-to-face methods to maximize the benefits of both.

Quality Matters™ Review – CETIS Design will coordinate an informal review of your course according to the Quality Matters™ rubric.

Program Launch Support – CETIS Design will consult with Program Directors and Program Coordinators to support the planning and development of courses for new online programs.

Course Clean Up* – CETIS Design will “QA” your course using a checklist (signed off by faculty) to make sure that all links work, all dates are consistent, and that the course is ready to go.

*CETIS Design will not change any content within a course without written consent.

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