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Mid-Collegiate Experience


        The Mid-Collegiate Experience



We work very hard to make a student's First-Year Experience one that helps prepare and guide students during this transitional period from high school to college. But we don't stop there! 

Student's in the College of Allied Health Sciences also get a Mid-Collegiate Experience, too. 

The Mid-Collegiate Experience encapsulates a student's sophomore and junior year where they will be taking a mix of general education and major courses. Student's will also continue to be engaged in experiential learning like lab exercises and simulations. 

Additional highlights of the Mid-Collegiate Experience include: 

  •  Getting Involved! There is at least one student organization for each of our majors. Joining the your professional student organization can allow you to connect with faculty mentors, travel to conferences, and gain volunteer and leadership experience. 
  • A SophMORE celebration: Kick off sophomore year with a commitment to enhance your academic, professional and personal success.  CAHS is offering a unique opportunity to connect with the campus resources most likely to be of assistance during your second year. 
  • The Mid-Collegiate Touchpoint Conference (MCTC): A half-day conference that brings all CAHS student's together to discuss a case study in interdisciplinary teams. This signature event teaches students the value of teamwork in healthcare. The healthcare community recognizes the need for improvement in this area, therefore, this conference gives student's an edge. 
  • Beyond the Cap and Gown: Learn more about career services, test preparation, and graduate programs in your field! 

​The Mid-Collegiate Experience is set up in order to get student's prepared for their final step, the Capstone Experience

Mid-Collegiate Touchpoint Conference

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