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Certificate of Supervised Practice in Dietetics (SPD)

Admissions Requirements

SPD Certificate program applications are accepted only as positions are available.  There is no set number of positions available to fill annually.  The Coordinated Program in Dietetics attempts to fill its class with students who will participate in both years of the CPD.  Should the CPD not fill, then Year 2 (supervised practice experience) becomes available for positions in the Certificate of Supervised Practice in Dietetics program. 

Prospective SPD students must have, or expect to have earned by the end of the current academic year:

  • a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • ·no less than a B- in the following nutrition courses:

    • Nutrition Care Planning
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy I
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy II 
  • a verification statement signed by UC’s DPD (Didactic Program in Dietetics) Director

SPD applications are accepted by November 15th each year. Students will be advised of the decision of the CPD Admissions Committee prior to the start of the spring semester. SPD Certificate students will receive from the CPD Director the admission paperwork to complete in spring semester.



Nutritional Sciences

Contact Us

Department of Nutritional Sciences
3202 Eden Avenue
ML 0394
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0394
Phone: 513-558-7503
Fax: 513-558 -7500

More Information

For questions regarding the program after reviewing the materials on this website, please contact:

Kimberly Maco, MS
Program Coordinator
Department of Nutritional Sciences
College of Allied Health Sciences
University of Cincinnati
3202 Eden Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0394
Office: 513-558-​7503

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