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Minor in Nutrition

 Nutrition student in lab



The goal of the nutrition minor is to provide students in a variety of majors at the University of Cincinnati with a strong foundation of the basic principles of food and nutrition as they pertain to wellness.

To fulfill this goal, the minor will prepare students to be able to:

  • explain basic principles of human nutrition;
  • make sound decisions about food to enhance good health;
  • recognize the importance of exercise and fitness as it relates to health and wellness; and
  • demonstrate familiarity with nutritional issues of various life stages.

The nutrition minor program is designed for students interested in health care or those enrolled in a variety of different undergraduate majors that have fulfilled the prerequisites needed to complete the minor curriculum.  Students may find the nutrition minor beneficial for broadening future employment opportunities and for improving their personal nutrition, health, and lifestyle outcomes.

The nutrition minor provides students with a strong foundation of the basic principles of nutrition and offers the flexibility to select electives based on their areas of interest.

It is important to note that those obtaining the nutrition minor will not be qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy or individualized counseling.



Contact Us

Department of Nutritional Sciences
3202 Eden Avenue
ML 0394
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0394
Phone: 513-558-7503
Fax: 513-558 -7500

More Information

For more information on the minor in nutrition, please contact:

​Kristan Metz
​Assistant Director of Academics
College of Allied Health Sciences 
Office of Student Affairs   
3202 Eden Avenue 
Cincinnati, OH 452678-0394 

Kimberly Maco
​Program Coordinator
College of Allied Health Sciences 
Department of Nutritional Sciences    
3202 Eden Avenue 
Cincinnati, OH 452678-0394 

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