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Master of Science (MS) in Nutrition


Students must earn a minimum of 37 graduate semester credit hours with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. The program of study is planned by the student in consultation with his/her advisor, and includes the following areas: core courses, guided electives and a master’s thesis.

Courses may be completed within one year of full-time study, after that, completion of the thesis will require approximately an additional 6-12 months. Refer to the program’s Graduate Handbook or Graduate Program Academic Program Requirements information for more details about scheduling and description of courses.

Master of Science Core Courses - 30 total credits

NUTR- 7010

Nutrition Education for Behavior Change (3)

NUTR- 7020

Macronutrients (3)

NUTR- 7021

Vitamins & Minerals (3)

NUTR- 7030

Advanced Clinical Nutrition (3)

NUTR- 7040

Research Design and Topics in Nutrition (3)

NUTR- 7050C

NUTR- 7082

Methods in Nutritional Assessment (3)

Nutrition and Wellness: Preconception to Adolescence (on-line) (3)

HLSC- 7027

Introductory Pathophysiology (3)

EDST- 7010

Statistical Data Analysis I (3)

EDST- 7011

Statistical Data Analysis II (3)

Guided Electives (choose 3 credit hours from the following): - 3 credits minimum*

BE- 7076

Intro. to Epidemiology (2)

BE- 7024

Computational Statistics (3)

CNSL- 7021

Counseling Techniques (3)

CNSL- 7025

Group Work in Ecological Counseling (3)

CNSL- 8070

Motivational Interviewing (3)

EDST- 7032

EDST- 7045

Human Development: Adolescence (3)

Community-Based Participatory Research (3)

EDST- 7095

EDST- 9089

EDST- 9089

Motivation and Cognition (3)

ECAR- Photovoice (1) **

ECAR- Concept Mapping (1) **

NUTR- 7060

Individual Study in Food & Nutrition (1- 4)

NUTR- 7070

Readings in Nutrition (1- 4)

Master’s Thesis- 4 credits minimum

NUTR- 7090   Master’s Thesis (4)

Total: 37 semester credit hours

*other graduate courses may be taken in lieu of those listed above.  Please check with your graduate advisor to get approval prior to registering for the course.

**ECAR stands for Educational & Community Based Action Research

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For specific questions about the Master of Science in Nutrition Program contact:

Kimberly Maco, MS
Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Nutritional Sciences
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